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   D'von of SilverSkies
  Flap flap dragon flap flap
Devon came as a journeyman healer from Erindar Hold. His father is Devlin. He was searched by Aeolith, bronze to G'tar. While he was a candidate, he Impressed a gold firelizard, Caracal Cara. He was then chosen on the sands by Sirocco's Fury Desert Bronze Juanith.

When he was visiting Fort, the then queen, Naiad and Solaeth, was flown and caught by Juanith, thus, making him weyrleader of Fort Weyr. Naiad and her queen moved on, and then Kata and Rievoth were the next to come to senior position. Up Juanith went and caught again and again. D'von is still weyrleader.

D'von is at Fort Weyr, the oldest weyr on Pern. It's one of the newest PC weyrs on Silver Skies.

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