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Jisanth's Weyr

We're remodeling a bit. Sorry about any broken links. (8/00)

The World of Pern 
is copyright (c) 1967
by Anne McCaffrey
'The Dragonriders 
of Pern' (r) is a registered trademark
of Anne McCaffrey 

Obligatory Guestbook
Dragon Picture (c) 
Dragon Healer's Guide 
A guide to dragonhealing.

Healer Craft 
This is my rider's craft page. 

This contains logs of monumental moments in our lives. Also a picture of T'lor, drawn by his player, is housed here.

Star Stones' Page 
Where Jisanth and T'lor play. 

Diddle Page
A growing art gallery of Pern (and not-so-Pern) art by Taylor

Color Page
A helper for descers which lists some colors.

Who's this?
I have no idea who this could be... do you?

Comments or suggestions, may be sent to

There have been visitors since we reopened in 1998.

This Pern Web Ring Site is owned by Taylor
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