Jisanth's Weyr

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The World of Pern 
is copyright (c) 1967
by Anne McCaffrey
'The Dragonriders 
of Pern' (r) is a registered trademark
of Anne McCaffrey 

Obligatory Guestbook
Dragon Picture (c) taylor@mindless.com 
Dragon Healer's Guide 
A guide to dragonhealing.

Healer Craft 
This is my rider's craft page. 

This contains logs of monumental moments in our lives. Also a picture of T'lor, drawn by his player, is housed here.

Star Stones' Page 
Where Jisanth and T'lor play. 

Diddle Page
A growing art gallery of Pern (and not-so-Pern) art by Taylor

Color Page
A helper for descers which lists some colors.

Who's this?
I have no idea who this could be... do you?

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