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General Adjectives
acrimonious, aggressive, animated, antique, aurora, bleached, bright, brilliant, carved, chameleon, checked, cinched, clarity, clear, coats, confetti, cool, dapple, dark, daubed, decorate, deep, delicate, discernable, doff, dusty, dyed, dynamic, earthy, electric, emergence, empower, enameled, exotic, facade, facet, fading, flashing, flaunting, fleck, garish, gaudy, ghostly, glistening, glossed, harlequin, hue,  illuminated, ingrained, iridescent, kinetic, light, livid, lucid, lurid, manifestation, marbled, marriage, medium, medley, misty, moire, mosaic, mottled, opal, opalescent, pale, pallor, panorama, parquet, parti-color, pastel, patchwork, perish, pert, pigment, prismatic, purity, radiant, rainbow, rich, saturate, scale, scathing, semblance, sensuousness, shade, smeared, soft, speck, spectacle, spectrum, spot, stained, stimulus, stipple, streaked, striation, striped, strong, tableau, tessellation, tinge, tinted, tone, tracery, variegated, veins, vibrant, vivid, virulence, warm

Color Terms

cimmerian, coal,  cromcoal,  dingy, dusky, ebony, gloom, inky, jet, lackluster, lividity, lurid, midnight, nocturnal, murky, obscure, pitch-black, raven, sable, shade, shadow, somber, swarthy, umbra, void, soot, atramentous, melanoid, obsidian, sloe, pavonian

aquamarine, azure, baby, beryl, blue-black, cadet-blue, cerulean, cobalt, cornflower-blue, cyan, harper, garter-blue, indigo, lapis lazuli, midnight,  navy, peacock, powder, prussian, royal, sapphire, smalt, sky, syenite blue, turquoise, twilight (some think it purple, some think it blue), ultramarine, zaffer

auburn, bay, beige, brick, bronze, brunette, buff, cedar, chestnut, chocolate, cinnamon, cocoa, copper, dun, dust, fawn, ginger, hazel, khaki, klah, liver-colored, mahogany, nut brown, oak, ocher, puce, reddish, russet, rust, saddlebrown, sandy, sepia, sky broom, soil, sorrel, sun-burnt, tan, tawny, toasted, tumbleweed, umber, wheat, mouse/rodent, earthen, caramel, sienna, muddy, bark, parchment, tea, leather, titian, topaz, bistre, almond, henna, fuscous, fulvous, spadiceous, musteline, roan


ash, ashen, bat, blue-grey, cloudy, Cromcoal, dingy, dove, drab, dull, dusky, frost-grey, grizzly, iron, leaden, mouse, neutral, pearl, salt and pepper, shaded, silvery, slate, smoke, somber, stone, thistle, metallic, gunmetal, stormy, dismal, dreary, shadow, dappled, cinereous, misty, fog, hoary

absinthe, apple, aquamarine, beryl, blue-green, bottle, bronze-green, chartreuse, emerald, forest,
grass, irish-green, ivy, jade, kelly, khaki, lime, malachite, moss, olive, pea, peridot, pine, sage, sea, verdant, vert, yellow-green, hunter, clover, leaf, mint, serpentine, fir, mignonette, resedea, shamrock, viridian, virescent, herb

apricot, brass-colored, burnt, cadmium, carrot, coral, fingerroot, mandarin ocher, ochreous, peach, salmon, tangerine

blush, coralline, flash, fuschia, primrose, rose, roseate, salmon, shocking, sunrise, wine-rose, coral, shell, magenta, incarnadine, bloom, maiden, carnation, cotton candy, marzipan, sugary

amethyst, grape, healer, heliotrope, lavender, lilac, livid, magenta, maroon, mauve, mulberry, orchid, pansy, plum, pomegranate, puce, purpure, royal, twilight (some think it purple, some blue), violet, wine, periwinkle, damson, mulberry, perse, solferino

amber, angry, aniline, bittersweet, blood, blush, brick, caldron, carbuncle, carmine, carnation, cerise, cerulean, cherry, cinnabar, claret, copper, coral, crimson, fiery, flame, flush, garnet, hyacinth, indian red, jasper, magenta, maroon, port, red fruit, rose, roseate, rouge, ruby, ruddy, russet, rust, sanguine, scarlet, terra cotta, titian, tomato, vermilion, apple, fire engine, cardinal, robin, wine, incarnadine, murrey, puce, burgundy, dahlia, bloom, ferruginous, carnelian, auburn, lava/magma

alabaster, albino, argent, ashen, blanched, bleach, blond, blue-white, bone, candescent, chalk, cloud, cream, fair, fleecy, foam-white, frigid, frosted, frosty, glacier, hoary, ice, ivory, lily, linen, milk, misty, pearl, platinum, seashell, silvery, smoke, snow, snowy, stark, swan-white, wintry, blank, paper, sheet, ghost/spirit/spectral, cotton, daisy, dove, pale, colorless, parchment, calcimine, marble, stone, porcelain

aureate, buff, canary, carmine, citrine, citron, cream, cornsilk, fellis-flower, fiery, flaxen, gold, golden, goldenrod, ivory, jasmine, lemon, madder, ocher, old ivory, orange-yellow, platinum, primrose-yellow, saffron, sallow, sand, straw, sulfur, sunlight, tan, tawny, topaz, towheaded, wheat-coloured, grain, off-white, buttery, molten, blonde, sulphur/brimstone, amber, carbuncle, crocus, meline, jaundiced, gilded

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