Rider of Bronze Jisanth

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Here are logs from various key times in our lives. 
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Our Life

Jisanth's Birth (Feb. 15?, 1997) 
Gold Narrath and Bronze Janareth watch over as Jisanth's clutchmates are born... And even at his earliest age, Jisanth knew how to embarrass his lifemate. 

Ryslth's Flight (April 5, 1997) 
Jisanth rises after golden Ryslth... Did he win? Read on.  

Spectreth's Flight (June 5, 1997) 
Spectreth rises with males close behind. Jisanth tried to outfly the others....  

Ryslth and Jisanth's Clutch Hatch (June 7, 1997) 
Ryslth's children hatch, with the loving father overlooking.  

Spectreth's Flight (May 2, 1998) 
Spectreth is chased by browns and bronzes, including her weyrmate, a brownrider. Bronze Jisanth won out though, much to the shock of gold and bronzerider alike. 

Specreth and Jisanth's Clutch Hatch (May 29, 1998) 
Eggs aren't just on the sands this night. It seems May, T'lor's daughter, decides to make an appearance.

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