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The Dragon's Wings
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Drawing of the Dragon's Wing


The sections and membranes which make up the mainsails.
Batten Rib
Cartilage ribs within the mainsails, joining sections of aileron to other ribs as well as the different bones/body.
The wing has 4 major bone groups, each made up of 3 sections. (Inner Bone, Mid-bone, Spar bones, and Outer bone)
Finger joint
An extra bone which protrudes from the "hand" of the dragon from the same point the other bone sections merge.
Finger sail
The section of the spar mainsail which reaches diagonally from the lowest minor joint of the spar bone to the trailing edge.
Leading Edge
The top cartilage of the wing.
The whole lower edge of the wing, from the body to the forestay tip.
The whole upper edge of the wing, from shoulder to forestay tip.
The wing has 3 mainsails, each made up of aileron and batten ribs (primary mainsail, secondary mainsail, spar mainsail)
Trailing Edge
The lower cartilage of the wing.

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